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Looked up a report card that just emerged from somewhere in my sister’s attic. It was from the Edna B. Rowe School, a kindergarten, in Toledo, Ohio issued in May 1940.

“Jim is very resourceful — always has a
plan for work. He has a dramatic, imaginate
mind — very independent in work —
needs challenge and interest
. . . still needs help dressing.”

Not much has changed since then.

When my attention wanes, I wander in search of something or other. Accordingly, being a “wanderer” means that you have no exact destination in mind, one just wanders. Wanderer’s do not accumulate much for the same reason that rolling stones lose their affinity for moss. At 80 (November 28, 2014) I am now quite content to limit my wandering, through whatever is left in my life, making clay sculpture. Honest.

If your thinking about what I did prior to getting into this clay making mode, I was an independent manufacturers’ sales representative in the hobby and craft industry, owner of the largest hobby shop in out-state Michigan, a sales engineer selling semi-technical kilowatt hour meters to electric utilities, owned a monthly newspaper, photographed competitive sailboat racing, and maybe a couple dozen more non-consecutive ventures. About 95% of the time I’ve worked for myself. I do better whem I am doing it for myself — clay allows me to do that and marching in straight lines just isn’t for me.

My work is gaining better edges, a little less funny, a little more arty and bigger in size. I’m heavily invested in making better and better work.

Remember this: Improve your environment: Buy Art.
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